8 comments on “New Black Trash Cans Downtown

  1. First off, glad you’re back!

    How odd. Aren’t those boxes worth some money? Can’t they load them all up in a truck and sell them?

    Maybe this is why Pulse is no longer in print. This seems like wasting or losing money.

  2. Hey Larry – Just so you know, those Pulse boxes are still in Clifton too and loading up with trash.

  3. Of course you’re being all negative, but if the shoe fits wear it!

    If Ach wants to leave money laying around on the sidewalk – as in boxes – thats his business but it’s bad business. Many of those black boxes are in good shape and almost look new.

  4. i had no idea you were back. i’m always the last to know.

    now life has meaning again. sort of.

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