5 comments on “Happy Waiting at Sully’s Happy Hour

  1. Gotta tell ya Larry. I’m getting very concerned about the lazy factor at many, many Cincinnati businesses.

    It’s not just poor customer service. It’s things like — how dirty these shops are, inside and out. Dust and soot on merchandise. Dirty windows. Shops with walls that need a fresh coat of paint.

    How hard is it to spruce things up a bit?

  2. Scully’s is by bar the worse bar in Cincinnati. Unfriendly service when you can get it and weak drinks. During happy hour the place is usually deserted. That blonde was probably shocked to find someone actually at the bar.

  3. Funny that Rick would mention dust and soot on merchandise.

    Last week, I went looking for a new desk for my home office. I went into an office furniture store on Main Street — didn’t catch the name of the place.

    They had lots of high-end furniture and some beautiful desks but the first thing I noticed was all the dust on those expensive desks. Why in the world would I pay big money to them if they don’t care enough to keep their merchandise clean?

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