7 comments on “A Con Well Done

  1. I think as the weeks and months go by, we’ll be finding out more and more how Bush and the “suits” stole this country from normal working day people. It IS sickening but we now finally have an honest president. I’m not ready to move to Canada just yet.

  2. When the Revolution comes, we’ll put the bankers to work rebuilding schools, bridges and roads — an infrastructure investment that will be a stimulus to the economy and our sense of justice.

  3. So far, it looks like we’re all in agreement. I would be outraged at a million with such a bad year, but 18 billion?

    Digging ditches would be too good for them.

  4. May I add fuel to the fire?

    Exxon Mobil is reporting record profits of 45 billion for 2008.

    Something’s out of whack here.

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