12 comments on “Maybe This Man Doesn’t Deserve a Bailout

  1. All I can tell you is he’s becoming very well known but not in a positive way. Investors, stay clear.

  2. i don’t know the dude either, why would i? i have no change to invest but you know what they say……where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

  3. Roger’s a likable guy and all but never, ever get into business deals with him. There is a reason why he’s all over the web.

  4. Roger Ach is a notorious thief. One of his favorite tricks is to steal the final paycheck (at least) (a the barest minimum) from employees when he lays them off. Just to stick and turn the knife a little more, the scumbag Roger Ach reports the (unpaid) paycheck to the state. This way he screws the laid off worker out of some of their unemployment. And delays their receipt of their unemployment pay. And then the unpaid pay shows up on the W2 declaration for the IRS.

    Roger Ach has pulled all of these tricks on at least ten different laid off workers just in the second half of 2008. He’s been committing –and getting away with — financial crimes from his downtown Cincinnati offices for decades. How many people has he ripped off over the years?

  5. When Pulse was still around it turned into the Roger Report full of self promoting stuff. It was sad because it was once a pretty decent newspaper.

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