12 comments on “Downtown Cincinnati Still Promoting “A Christmas Carol” in February

  1. While I know it isn’t funny, I had to laugh at the photo. Oh lazy city, will you ever change?

  2. my, my, my.

    i tell ya, a lot of us in nk look over across the river and have a laugh or two almost daily.

  3. You like to harp on things that don’t matter. Anyone looking at those banners will know they’re from last year.

  4. maybe dave was kidding when he can’t believe anybody would visit here. well, some do actually have to come here on business, for conventions, etc. it would be nice to make a good impression. outdated banners does exactly the opposite.

  5. It’s kinda like this:

    Imagine you have an out-of-town guest in your home on Feb. 18. The guest looks around and sees that you still have christmas decorations adorning your home.

    How do you imagine the guest would perceive you?

  6. Glad to see you back, Marilyn!

    Larry isn’t saying anything new. He is just pointing out once again what so many of us know and what so many of us know will never change.

    Cincinnati needs a blood transfusion.

  7. Thanks for the how-dee, Matt.

    Ah damn, the entire country needs a transfusion. I wonder if our insanely spoiled lifestyle is about to change in a big way and for a long time?

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