12 comments on “Now That his Newspaper has Folded, Roger Ach Attempts to Destroy the Office Furniture Business

  1. Larry – you have got to be kidding. More on this guy?

    There is plenty of other things to write about and most of us could care less about this Roger person.

    Please. ENOUGH!

  2. Hey Kat, start your own blog if you don’t like Larry’s content.

    I find the comings and goings of Roger Ach like a local soap opera. It’s hilarious.

  3. Larry, I have a curious tidbit.

    There have been four publishers of the Downtowner and I believe the founder (that would be me) is still the youngest of them.
    When did I start the paper, in my early 20s?

    I think Doug Taylor is older; Roger Ach is 66 and the deceased Herb Liss would now be in his 70s.

    Guess that’s makes me the last person standing, sort of, kind of.

  4. Kat, Ach has been pushing people around for years. Some pay back is good and yeah, it is kind of amusing. Pound, Larry, Pound.

  5. Excuse me for all the reminiscing, but another curious tidbit just hit me …

    The first office for the Downtowner was at 600 Vine Street inside the old Palace Theater.

    How ironic it is that the paper came crashing down in the highrise that replaced the Palace — at 600 Vine Street!

  6. Hi Rick,

    I certainly remember the old Downtowner newspaper. It was really good. Why don’t you start it up again?

  7. I remember back in the 80’s I was working in Ft. Mitchell and once a week me and some of my working buddies would drive across the river to Cincinnati and pick up The Downtowner.

    It was always kind of a kick. Remember Mr. and Mrs. Downtowner?

    Web sites are killing newspapers but I still like turning the pages.

    If Rick Hines is reading, you would have at least one reader who would pick it up and I know there would be others.

  8. the title of your post comes across mean but maybe the guy deserves it. the on going tale of roger is amusing.

  9. A few weeks before the decision to shutter Pulse newspaper, Roger Ach wrote:

    PULSE will continue to operate, as we have. For those of you who feel at all threatened by Taylor’s methods, we invite you to make any future payments to the Billing Address on each of your future invoices, as Chicago West Pullman LLC (CWP) assumed the responsibility for billing and receivables some time ago. PULSE will continue to publish your ads at no risk to you and CWP LLC will have PULSE credit your account for all your payments at 100% of their face value, without fail.

    We will continue to keep each of you informed as we resolve these issues and to continue to work to provide you and our loyal and growing readership with a quality, independent voice in Greater Cincinnati.



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  11. Hello Strangers,

    As one of the people that got screwed BADLY as Ach’s current house of cards collapsed, i just want to say that i do see the humor. Unfortunately, the joke’s at the expense of myself and several i knew. I won’t reveal much, i just want to say that it’s important to remember that there’s folks like this who fumble and stumble through the press, but they fumble and stumble on the backs of employees who try to make their fractured vision reality.

    Even from this dark perspective, i have to admit i’ll laugh with you. Turned into a classified ad. That’s rich.


  12. Wow, this is really interesting. I used to work for Roger when I was fresh out of school. Interesting guy, not terribly capable, but intresting.

    My fondest memory of the Rog is him sitting in his office at the US Bank building, yelling at me for something completely unrelated to me, my work or my role in his company, and then throwing a phone at me from across the room, having no consideration for the fact that I was not the source of his rage. The receiver reached the end of its chord, snapped back and hit him in the shin – quite hard I might add! It was a classic Roger moment, had to laugh.

    I think Roger’s current situation is a bit like that day, his total failure to recognise and correct his own glaring character flaws has snapped back and hit him in the shin in a major way. Kinda feel bad for the guy on some level, but he’s had this coming for a long, long time. I hope he takes this as an opportunity to change.

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