4 comments on “Question of the Week

  1. I think it starts with city council. I always vote for new blood but even when new people get in, not much changes. I don’t really have any answers.

  2. This has been talked about for years, actually decades.

    The city has a very negative reputation in the country, as polls and surveys have repeatedly confirmed.

    Such a reputation affects recruiting young professionals, it affects conventions, it affects businesses that are considering expansion.

    Cincinnati can’t seem to find a solution, when there is one staring them right in the face…

    The city must change its socio-economic attitude before it can succeed, or at least end the slow, backward slide it has been undergoing for the past few years.

  3. Rick is right. The city has been back sliding now for years. Thing is currently, if you can’t get the mayor to face reality, what are the rest of us suppose to do?

    Maybe what we can do is not reelect Mallory. I voted to put him in and from day one have been very disappointed.

    He’s just like the rest of them.

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