14 comments on “Question of the Week

  1. you don’t know what you’re missing until you try bruno’s pizza here in Oxford.

  2. Jim, LaRosa’s has the most expensive pizza in town! You get more bang for your buck at Papa John’s.

  3. Ok, now here we can again…

    Just because LaRosa’s is local doesn’t mean you have to go there, especially with its high prices and run-of-the-meal taste.

    I keep harping how local companies show their appreciation for your loyal support by charging higher prices, ie. Kroger, Delta (sort of local), CinBell, etc.

    Just today Consumer Reports found that people really, really do not like Kroger see http://www.cincynation.com But here in Cincinnati, people are even willing to pay higher prices simply because its local.

  4. I never go to Kroger’s and I never go to LaRosa’s. I go to Bigg’s and Domino’s.

  5. Some day I will learn to slow down 🙂

    “Ok, now here we can again…” = Ok, now here we GO again

  6. Now Rick Hines is trying to tell us where to get groceries. I think I can make my own decisions.

  7. Kat, if you want to pay 20% more for groceries, that’s your right.

    My point is simple: Cincinnatians stick with local companies no matter how good — or bad — they are. No matter how expensive they are …

    Competition is a good thing because it drives prices down. This lazy, steadfast loyalty to companies that show their gratitude by charging higher prices is beyond my comprehension.

    Think what you could do with that 20% — let’s say your weekly grocery bill is $200 at Kroger. You could save $40 a week by going to Wal-Mart. That’s $160 a month and $1920 a year!

  8. I understand the Kroger issue, they are way too expensive, but you’ll never see me in a place like Wal-Mart. They treat their employees like shit.

  9. Wal-Mart employees can move-on if they so choose.

    But Rhonda, if you want to spend your money on products at Kroger that you can buy cheaper elsewhere, then go ahead!

  10. Rick, in this economy, moving on isn’t an easy option.

    And I don’t ever go to Kroger, and for the record, I don’t go to LaRosa’s either!

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