13 comments on “Be Careful Who You Associate With

  1. Roger Ach and Joe Wessels? Not surprised. Birds of a feather. If CityBeat wants to restore some of its lost credibility, the first act would be to dump that PR hack.

  2. How come you didn’t mention those empty Pulse boxes? I think you’re beginning to slip.

  3. Ach and Wessels? The two of them don’t seem to go together to me. Yes indeed, Joe. Be careful here.

  4. I have nothing against Wessels and sometimes read his column in CityBeat – but this association is a little surprising. CityBeat is liberal, sure, but fair and honest. Ach isn’t any of this.

  5. Tnis is quite a revelation. Wessels has character problems. You’re known by the company you keep.
    Or, he is just plain stupid.

  6. Character problems? Are we to guess that with Joe? I’ve met him a couple times and he seems nice to me. I’ve never met Roger but judging from the documentation out there on the web, I don’t care to.

  7. I checked out JWessels Facebook page and his friends are politicians! My Gawd, isn’t it the job of alternative newspapers to go after politicians and not be friends with them???

    What is Citybeat doing with this guy? Is citybeat a public relations newsletter or an alternative newspaper?

  8. I went to Wessel’s Facebook page to check it out for myself and sure enough, a lot of his friends are politicians.

    Wow isn’t a strong enough word. How can one take an objective point of view if you’re in a politician’s back pocket? Why are you writing opinion pieces in a newspaper when your opinion is shaded by a “buddy” who’s in office or wants to get in office? This is shameful.

    I’ll keep reading CityBeat while holding my noise. Let’s hope that Kevin Osborne, John Fox, Greg Flannery, Larry Gross, Danny Cross or Margo Pierce doesn’t become a tool like Wessels.

  9. ya know, we had joe the plumber during the election. now, we still have joe the “journalhack” who wants to be a journalist but doesn’t know what it means.

    but take it easy guys. i don’t think he means bad things.

  10. Key in the words ‘Roger Ach,” do a Google search and you hit the jackpot but not in a winning way. As they say about cow shit, 10 million flies can’t be wrong. This guy doesn’t know how to walk a straight line.

    Wessels, you need to wise up. Don’t be associating yourself with the likes of Roger Ach.

  11. This is unfair. Being “friends” is simply a computer function allowing two people to communicate via that site. Being “friends” on Facebook doesn’t in itself imply any journalistic impropriety.

  12. I think the main concern has got to be his association with politicians… a reporter for an alternative newspaper should not be on friendly terms with the people he or she is supposed to be watching.

    You, Mr. Flannery, of all people should know that.

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