10 comments on “Having Fun with Bed Bugs in Cincinnati

  1. These silly bedbug posts have become more than tiring. You have this habit of constantly repeating yourself like telling the same joke over and over.

  2. Get real Sharon. City council isn’t going to promote bedbugs. This is Larry’s idea of a joke.

  3. Your “musings” aren’t very funny. I had to throw away my bed, my sofa and my chair because of bedbugs. I wish I could send a bag full of them to your address.

  4. “Good Morning America” ran a story about eating bedbugs. It’s part of a series on ways to feed your family without spending any money. Diane Sawyer actually eats a spoonful of bedbugs and says, “What does Cincinnati see in this?” Duh. It’s called ‘protein.”

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