16 comments on “Why This Man deserves to be World Famous

  1. I know Roger but keep my distance. He can charm the hell out of you while reaching into your back pocket and taking your wallet. Oh yes, buyer beware.

  2. All of us got the point months ago. You and Rick Hines drive this into the ground. Why don’t you just let the news be the news on this. Your opinion on Ach has become well known.

  3. His “business dealings” are legend, but what goes around, comes around. Ach may finally be getting his due.As for me and apparently not for Kat, keep me posted.

  4. Ach has done so many low things in his life, it is hard to determine the lowest, but I think not paying his employees for weeks and forcing them to quit and then fighting them when they file for unemployment is pretty fucking low.

    I should know. I was one of his employees he ripped off. He shouldn’t be living in a mansion. A cardboard box would much more fitting.

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  12. Roger Ach is low life scumbag and a fraud. Internet research sows that he is convicted felon and should have been in jail.

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