12 comments on “Question of the Week

  1. The idea of being in a box in the ground has no appeal to me whatsoever. I’ll take the second choice.

  2. My family has strict orders to cremate my remains. I’ve given this waaay too much thought.

  3. i hear ya marilyn. probably the religious nuts in my nutty family long gone now will turn over in their graves but i never will. cremate by white ass.

  4. With overpopulation, being cremated should be the ONLY option. Look at how much land these dead bodies are taking up.

  5. I would urge everyone to consider being an organ donor. My son’s death, as untimely and impossible to comprehend, at least saved 5 other lives since his organs were donated.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah… I’d rather have my son back, but since I can’t it’s a gift of life to donate organs which he won’t ever need again.

  6. Marilyn, that was a nice essay about Luke. I lost my son 30 years ago. He was only three, was always ill. I don’t think never ever that a child should pass before a parent, but we find a way to go on don’t we? Thanks for sharing.

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