8 comments on “Penny for your Thoughts?

  1. I think anyone who would throw money away, even pennies, especially with how bad things are, is a fool. If you don’t want your pennies, give them to me.

  2. I live paycheck to paycheck and I count every penny and do my own rolling. I know people who won’t pick up a penny too. Actually when I’m walking down the sidewalk, I’m kind of looking for those pennies!

  3. I’d love to walk down the sidewalk, and see a fifty and pick it up, but I’ll pick a penny up b/c I’m superstitious. See a penny, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck.

  4. Once, while walking down East McMillan, I looked down and spied a $10! Yup, I picked it up. It was way cool because I only had $1 in my pocket til payday.

    Coins? Yep. Last February, I rolled over $600 in change. It took me all day and my hands were black when I was done. But we needed it for a house payment.

  5. Let me beat “Mic” to a Roger comment.

    If anyone should be picking up and saving pennies it should be Roger Ach.

  6. Barb, gotta ask, what would you do with a Waterford crystal bowl? I’d probably sell it at a yard sale.

  7. This past spring my girlfriend, while riding her bicycle to campus, found a $10 and a $5 in two different locations along the way. She’s lucky like that.

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