11 comments on “I’m Looking for an Excuse to Interview Janeane Garofalo

  1. Tell her you have kidnapped her dog and if she doesn’t call you, the puppy gets it! (NOTE: May not work if she has no dogs)

  2. actually she loves dogs, breen, so there’s lar’s way to get to her. also i’ve read she gives money to homeless people in new york. use your streetvibes tie-in there.

  3. I don’t think Janeane is a fruitcake. I regard her as very smart but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t get on my nerves. She does.

  4. Just be honest like you are here. I kind of follow her a little bit and it seems like she freely gives out interviews. Go for it!

  5. she’s a bitch. because i went to the first tea bag thing that makes me a racist? no. i can’t stand her.

  6. Am I stupid because I don’t understand “tea bag thing”??!

    It isn’t racist or sexist or anything if you just don’t cotton to someone’s point of view.

    Me? I LOVE Janeane!

  7. I got it. we have some famous tattoo artists here…stars come to see them. she should come here to get another tat and tell you all about it in an interview.

    yes, yes.

  8. CA, I wonder who those artists are? I’ve been wanting to get a tat in honor of my son. I hear a Dana in Northside is good?!

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