8 comments on “Johnny Bench Being Clear about Pete Rose

  1. If you are from Cincinnati, you must always vote for Pete Rose. He needs to be in the hall of fame.

  2. Ah hell, let Rose in. Michael Vick just was just reinstated to the NFL…. Hell (again), the Bengals gave him a big ass offer. Know what? Anything goes. Ethics?? Out the door! Sports? kiss my big hairy ass!

  3. Bench misunderstands the question, judging by his answer. There is a difference between Major League Baseball and the Baseball Hall of Fame. The fact that Rose bet on baseball, in violation of baseball’s rules, makes a lifetime ban from baseball (save for rare occasions when an exception is permitted) inevitable. However, the HOF could admit Rose if it chose to; the fact that he broke the rules wouldn’t preclude that. A player could be convicted of murder — also “against the rules” — and still be admitted to the HOF.

    That said, the HOF can deny admission because of betting on baseball, which it has opted to do. Bench is being asked whether he thinks that the HOF should admit Rose notwithstanding his betting, or continue to be excluded. His reaction is a non-opinion. He assumes that because Rose is banned from any participation with Major League Baseball, he is per se ineligible for admission into the HOF, which is untrue.

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