19 comments on “Roger Ach, Bernie Madoff and Allegations

  1. That was the problem with the Bernie Madoff scandal, people and the media just looked the other way.

  2. Do a Google search on Ach. Where’s there is smoke, there is fire. If anyone invests with him, they are asking to be ripped off. I think the mask is off this guy.

  3. I don’t think in this case that the media is looking the other way. The Business Courier has done reports on Ach and his dealings as well as the Enquirer. And then you got Hines and Gross who are constantly putting it in our faces. I’m not complaining. I think you’re doing what you need to do — your job.

  4. DON’T BACK OFF ON REPORTING THIS. He takes from those who have money and those who don’t. He makes employees wait for paychecks and sometimes doesn’t pay them at all. You have to let people know this.

  5. I agree with a lot of you here. The point has been made more than clear. It seems like there is a post on this guy every other week and reading about him certainly isn’t very entertaining. This blog is much better when it is funny.

  6. Faith, it’s fun to come here and not know what to expect. Why would you want it to always be funny? There are plenty of other blogs that do that.

  7. Now, Scully’s has closed. When will young professionals start supporting the things they wanted?

    (Sorry to go off-topic)

  8. RICK,
    Weak drinks, expensive drinks, bad food, poor service.
    Young professionals want better than Scully’s

  9. Just a thought……maybe Roger Ach could take over Sully’s. The customer has to pay upfront for drinks, then Roger goes into hiding.

  10. “The Media” can kiss my ass! Write about me,don’t write about me–it makes no F-ing difference. As long as I’ve got the protection of the Cincinnati PD you nobodies can just go on whining all you want.

    I steal people’s money in broad daylight from my posh offices in the heart of this fine city. And I GET AWAY WITH IT.

    In fact, I think I’ll change the name of my current internet fraud/scam. Instead of calling it Ourtown Media LLC. I’ll call it MyTown Media LLC! Cuz this is MY TOWN! Get it?


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  13. Well – As I read through these I am not sure if I feel better or worse. Roger Ach conned me out of close to $100,000.00. He was so believable and trusting, (not so much was written about him on the internet at the time so I didn’t know what a scumbag he really was) – So, years later he is still ripping off people and getting away with it. There is only one reasonable explanation and it’s not that he is smart. He is mentally ill! – And how does he stay married? If my wife finds out I lied about what I was watching on TV last night she freaks out. His wife must also be a lunatic! I feel sorry for his kids! – What a Frekin embarrassment!

  14. Roger Ach is a scum bag and needs to be in the lunatic asylum. He is mentally ill and fraud individual. search the web and you will know that he is a convicted felon and should not be allowed to mix with normal persons.

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