9 comments on “Goodbye Sully’s

  1. just like redfish, this place went out of business because of poor quality and poor service. like you said, employees there seemed unhappy and i think going through the motions. with this kind of atmosphere, why would customers want to come back?

  2. What’s left of the YP community complains about not having an entertainment district, but won’t even back what’s here.

    Seventh Street as an entertainment district is near its death, just like Main Street.

    More and more, Cincinnati’s demographics are changing toward older people and poor people while the young professionals depart (or YPs from other parts of the country refuse to live here).

    It’s pathetic.

  3. Jason, they went “through the motions” because the writing was on the wall a long time ago.

  4. I agree with what Rick is saying about the demographics. If we are changing toward an older and poorer population, why not face that reality? A Waffle House, a McDonald’s or a White Castle would at least attract people.

  5. Yes. The writing was on the wall.

    Last month, I went in to get a quick vodka and tonic before heading home. Know what? They were out of vodka. Zero. Nothing left.

    Can you imagine a bar running out of vodka?

  6. It never worked for me. My friends and I would go in to give it a chance but it had no personality and the staff could care less about their customers.

    We could use a good local, downtown bar. Forget the chains.

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