9 comments on “Here’s Some More Shameless, Self-Promoting

  1. It is a good book, ordered it a couple weeks ago and enjoyed it! You should be promoting it.

  2. I enjoyed your book very much, especially the Madonna’s Bar & Grill section. Madonna’s was a big part of your column once upon a time. I couldn’t figure out why it suddenly disappeared from your stories. Reading the last story about Madonna’s, now I know. I wouldn’t go back either.

  3. I was fortunate to be given a hard copy of the paper, and so I’ve already read the interview. I loved it.

    Also found it interesting in that my son, Luke, is named Luke on his birth certificate. Not Lucas or anything else. Weirdly enough, on one award certificate from school, they fancied his name up with Lucas Schirmer. Wrong.

  4. I also picked it up and read the hard copy and yeah, I got the book and its on my list to get to.

    You write for CityBeat. How come that publication isn’t saying anything about the book?

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