29 comments on “Mark my Words: Stacy Solomon will be the Next Susan Boyle

  1. Blogs in the UK meet you to this but according to a Google search I’ve done, you’re the first U.S. blog to pick up on this Stacey person. Her voice is really good.

  2. Maybe it’s better that you can’t see her and judge her singing voice. It’s pitch perfect.

  3. i watch the actual video on youtube.

    nice face, great singing voice and those hotpants don’t hurt.

    you know, i think you’re on to something here.

  4. I’m surprised the “guy blogs” haven’t found this girl yet. She’s damn hot and can sing.

  5. You amaze me. How you’re judging talent shows?

    Maybe if on the next round she comes out naked and sings “Bridge Over Trouble Waters” she might win. Otherwise, no. Her singing voice is passable but she talks like an English hillbilly.

  6. P.S. and so what that you beat Huffington Post writing about her. This girl will be forgotten within a few days.

  7. Just like Boyle, it has all the elements of surprise. In this case Solomon comes across goofy and hillbilly like and then she starts to sing. Surprise!

  8. No I’m not Roger Ach.

    I went to YouTube to see the real video. They are all over the place on this girl! One video alone is now close to a million hits.

    And she’s good!

  9. Oh yeah, she’s good and if anybody is smart, a poster should be coming out soon showing off those legs of hers.

  10. I like the whole package, the voice, the look and the way she sings. And she’s only 19. Amazing.

  11. All right, on your insistence, I went to You Tube and watched the thing.


    You’re right. Shortly, she’ll be all over the internet.

  12. I think she is great ….she is a cockney gal and there is nothing wrong with that …hillbillies are in the USA not here in London! Look at the right things in life not the wrong….its her talent that matters not looks or how she speaks.

    Susan Boyle is another case of taking note of how she looks and speaks and not the talent but she showed everyone too ….keep in mind the talent as it is a talent show not Miss world or the enunciation factor!

    Keep up the good work Stacey …you go girl!!!!!

  13. The show is about voice, and oh my gosh she has the voice. U want to judge, you close your eyes and hear her voice. What I like about her is that is call singing. Pronouncing every single word clearly and show out the meaning of the song. Its a wonderful contemporary make over. i cannot wait to buy the album.

    With the right songs, work a little more on the low and high pitch you will WIN

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  15. “Well I’ll be dammed if lovely Stacy doesn’t win ‘X Factor’….’cos I’m gonna ask her out on a date as a Prize!……Sorry Susan (Boyle)…..but you will be my second choice if Stacy says no !” from Marshal the Scottish Lumberjack,…in sunny Port Glasgow.

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  17. Larry I think you are on to something when you talk about Stacey Solomon. If you watch X Factor, a massive nationwide show here in the U.K. you will see that she is the only one that can actually sing rather than sort of talk or shout. I have never placed a bet before in my life but I have just bet fifty British pounds on Stacey to win the contest! Good comment Larry – All the best.

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  21. Larry, I have been following her videos since the 2009 shows began. They had several fantastic singers on X Factor this season. Lucy was also great, but Stacy just send chills down your spine. When she comes into the harness, it is just stunning.

    Listen to her last video with Michael Buble before she was kicked off, how does a 19 yr. old who a few weeks ago was singing in her bedroom pull this off? Michael should re-cut that track on his new album with her, truly he should re-call the CD’s make the 1st track a duet with Stacy, their chemistry on stage was something rare to witness.

    Show 4 and show 7 were great performances by Stacy as well, the world is going to demand to hear her sing, she is that good.

    Also check out Jamie and Danyl’s 1st performances, Simon is going to make a billion!

  22. Stacey lost but not because of her talent. It was all politics & money. Joe was behind & suddenly when teenies couldn’t vote for Jedward, Joe was their obvious next choice. Stacey will go far- her voice is pure & unique. She can switch from Wonderful World to Coldplay to Keane to Elton John & Etta James & in her own style. None of the other singers had that versatility. She became a star because of her talent & amazing personality with humble & fresh demeaner. I can’t wait for her next performance & definitely her CD’s. Only an idiot would pass her talent by. She has a big future ahead of her & perhaps the chaos of Boyle’s life is not for Stacey. Stacey’s young & will only get better. I loved Stace & Buble together- best peformance of the series!! If you think he should add that to his album, post your support on Buble’s website, I did. From a huge fan from Canada!

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