12 comments on “Question of the Week

  1. They lose too much of the time and it is no fun to spend a ton on money watching a losing game. Not in the budget!

  2. First of all, I don’t care about or watch football. Second, why would we ever have reason to think that the Bengals would regroup? Better chance of the second coming.

  3. Hell no to both questions. I didn’t even bother to watch last night. Glad I didn’t.

    If I want to see something funny, I’ll turn on the cartoon network.

  4. I want to have hope that they will win games this year but I always want that hope. I want to support them.

  5. With the mind set of the Bengals, it’s not about winning or losing. It’s all about making money. And that they do.

  6. Has anyone considered that the Brown family doesn’t want a winner?

    That they just want the team to get by, as long as they and their investors rake in the $$$ for themselves?

  7. Rick, I basically said that in my comment. Yes, it is about money. It is not about fan support at all.

  8. Let me be girly for once. I know, amazing. I used to go to watch Taylor James, because I had a rock star crush on him. Now he’s not there anymore. Now i just go so I can hang out with my Dad and eat peanuts until my stomach hurts.

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