23 comments on “Buckeyes Need to Get behind UK’s Stacey Solomon

  1. Very good! Glad someone in the USA is following Stacey and x-factor.

    I lived in England for a couple years, got caught up in this show while I was there.

    Stacey is quite talented and could go all the way, but she needs to keep her nerves under control. At bootcamp, her voice seemed a bit shaky, still good enough to get to the final 24.

    Sunday night will be a nail bitter for sure. I also want her in the final 12.

  2. I went to youtube and watched some of the longer clips. She is really adorable but don’t know if her voice is strong enough.

  3. stacey, come to the cadillac ranch! get booted out before you even sing.

    being mean, i know 🙂

  4. If you had a music boot camp at Cadillac Ranch, if the general manager didn’t like the first act, the whole thing would be canceled!

  5. She really does have a wonderful, clear singing voice and you got to love a 19 year old single mother. My fingers are also crossed for young Stacey.

  6. Why do contestants put themselves through this? To give themselves nervous breakdowns?

  7. After watching so many of these talent shows, the one thing I will say about Stacy is she isn’t typical. I’d vote for her.

  8. Stacey is very good but you look at the mail competation for this year, they are a bit better.

  9. I have to admit that I watch ALL of these talent shows and I’m hocked. I download X factor all the time on my computer and it is my absolute favorite of all of them.

    Stacey is a total breath of fresh air. I love her talking voice the way she sounds and then the way she sings! She hits every note perfectly. Yes I am hooked.

    I so hope that on Sunday she makes it to the final 12.

    I’ve looked through some of the other posts here. You’re pretty cool and I’ll be visiting.

    Keep up promoting Stacey!!!

  10. Win or lose the X-Factor, Stacey will be a star, just like Susan Boyle. She’ll get a record deal, will start touring and will live the life she wants for her and her son. She’s great.

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