10 comments on “Roger Ach May be Out of his Mansion, But He’s Not Out of Business

  1. No surprise, really, that Ach is still doing what he’s doing. He’s like a bad penny. He keeps showing up.

  2. I wuz surpised to learn, only yesterday, that his mansion is the one featured in the movie, “Rainman”.

  3. Larry, I’ve pretty much fallen in love with you through your relentless reporting of Ach 🙂 I too have a great personal interest in this issue and love seeing your take on it…..so I pray you keep publishing every little thing. This man needs to be (in)famous!!

  4. Fangirl, I totally agree.

    A good friend of mine got ripped off by Ach, thousands of dollars.

    As far as I’m concerned, pound this guy into the ground.

  5. Roger’s dog shit. This asshole dressed in a fancy suit, ripped me off for over $50,000. And his day in court is coming. I want to see this piss-ant dressed in a fucking barrel. I’m going to sue his fat ass off. Why do the police keep giving this crook a free pass? Ach, I’m out for you.

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