17 comments on “Clicking for Stacey Solomon

  1. I have been following this too.

    I think it gets down to two things: Who has talent and who is likable.

    Stacey has both. Danyl Johnson? Great performance, not all that likable.

    That’s why he was in the bottom two and he’ll be back there again.

  2. There are reports here that Danyl has been mean to Stacey and made her cry. We all love Stacey here and that might have put him at the bottom.

  3. really? stacey’s been here in ohio?

    can’t help but wonder what she thinks of our chili 🙂

  4. With this talent show and with others, don’t underestimate the power of the press. Stacey gets mostly good press, Daryl gets mostly bad.

  5. I don’t know, Sandy, I’m kind of in to it. I have to know how long those twins will stay on.

  6. I’m finding myself enjoying this. Usually You Tube starts feeding it here in the USA around six in the evening and you can watch the complete show!

    Like Larry, I’m 100% behind Stacey. I like Lucy, but she doesn’t have Stacey’s personality. Jamie is good too and is Oily. Can’t say I’m a Danyl fan. He comes across as if he has already won the thing.

    It’s fun. I’m enjoying myself!

  7. I so much would like to ask Stacey what she really thinks of Simon’s comments. Except for his own acts, does he ever have anything good to say?

  8. I love Stace, but for the past two weeks, the song choices haven’t been all that good. Stace needs to turn it up a notch.

  9. I’m following Stacey too. Love her singing voice and her great sense of humor. I bet she would be loads of fun to hang out with. How can we get her to visit Ohio again?

  10. When did this blog become so shallow? There’s a lot going on in this city — like election day coming up — and you’re writing about this girl every damn week. What’s going on with you?

  11. Hi Fred,

    Let me get defensive here.

    If writing about a talented girl in the UK and attempting to get the word out about her makes me shallow — guilty!

    We write about a lot of different things here. Some things get a reaction, others not so much.

    This post on Stacey so far has produced 11 comments. My post on Halloween candy, so far, as produced 3 comments. Do you catch my drift, Fred?

    If you don’t like the Stacey posts — and they will continue each week — don’t read them!

  12. I for one love reading these Stacey updates. With all the horrible news that surrounds us each week, why not have something a little uplifting and someone to root for and do well.

    Mr. Flitstone, go back to the stone age.

  13. I watched the show Saturday night. Stacey looked great and sounded great but she looks better with her hair down and she looked like she couldn’t breathe in that fancy dress.

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