7 comments on “Just Another Example Why Cincinnati City Council Sucks

  1. I think Leslie at least makes the attempt to listen to all sides and get things moving along. Laketa is on another planet.

  2. Wow. Put a pair of glasses on Leslie and we got ourselves another Sarah Palin and just in time for Halloween.

  3. Before I get my work day started, let me ask a question to these two women: How does your catfight help us, the residents of Hamilton County, move forward?

    Of course no reply to this is expected.

  4. I think Ghiz is all right, just fed up with the foolishness of Cole who doesn’t know weather she’s coming or going.

  5. I think there is something in the water at CityHall, something that turns adults into children. I expect this kind of behavior of Cole, but Leslie?

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