12 comments on “Question of the Week

  1. When you are living paycheck to paycheck, the answer to your question becomes pretty simple. I’m going to skip Christmas this year.

  2. The economy has never had anything to do with my kind of Christmas. Christmas is not about spending lots of money on gifts. It’s being around family and friends. It’s about spirit.

  3. Christmas questions already? Aren’t you pushing it a bit? Ask me two weeks before Christmas.

  4. I’ll get some gifts for a few friends and for family of course. I never get carried away with it. I agree with Scott that Christmas isn’t about money or the size of a gift.

  5. Shorty before Thanksgiving, I fly up to Mars. After the new year, I fly back down. This is easier than dealing dealing with the holidays.

  6. I cook. I decorate. It’s all about getting together and sharing.

    I do make a few gifts for my siblings and mother. I’ll buy one gift apiece for my husband and daughter.

    Been doing this for a while now and it makes so much more sense.

  7. I’m taken up a Christmas money collection for Roger Ach. Anyone interested in helping out?

  8. I just hold my breathe, waiting for the holidays to be over. For me, the most depressing time of the year. When you struggle to make ends meet, and then Christmas is upon us, I get so depressed. Why is everything so centered around how much money you make and what kind of gifts you can give? I hate it so much.

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