7 comments on “A Batphone, Cash and Separate Doors

  1. Very interesting Slate article and I suspect most of it is true. I think the title of Young’s book says it perfectly: “The Politician.” Really, for the most part, aren’t they all alike?

  2. Again, I’ll say that Edwards had some great ideas for this country. I’m not excusing what he did at all, but those ideas are now wasted. He screwed up but doesn’t EVERYBODY deserve a second chance?

  3. erin, don’t worry. pretty soon the media will move on to something else and your pretty boy will be back.

  4. Ass Tommy,
    It has nothing to do with Edwards being “pretty.” He cares about this country, especially the poor. Do the rest of them?

  5. Others have said it here in the past but I’ll say it again. Edwards has turned himself into a punchline. That’s not going away anytime soon. Doing this to his cancer stricken wife, I really think he is a joke.

  6. Edwards is just another dick, no better than Clinton, no better than the rest of them. The UK is looking good to be right now, tired of all this bullshit.

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