15 comments on ““Building Cincinnati” Blog Struggles

  1. The guy’s arrogant. With arrogance comes the inability to see reality.

    There were many people, like me, who wanted to offer a hand but the guy’s an asshole. Plain and simple.

    So, this makes nearly all of the blogs that criticized CincyNation gone. All except for one. (Not you Larry!)

  2. Rick,

    Have you ever met Kevin? He’s not an asshole at all — a nice guy really into what he’s doing. I think your comment is out of line.

  3. He has a lot of those Google ads on his web page. Can anybody really make any money off those things?

  4. Thank you, Larry. I really appreciate it. Luckily, it looks like I’ll be able to resume publishing on March 1.

    Ecky…the answer to your question is “no”. With my recent time off, I’ve had a lot more time to look into better ways of monetizing the site. The only people who make real money off of Google Ads is Google!

  5. Kevin, I had a website some time back and attempted to make money off those Google ads. You are right. Google looks out for Google. I don’t think I even made a buck.

    And to Rick: could you just cool it a little? If you were having problems, I don’t think you would want someone to kick you when you’re down.

  6. Instead of drawing other people down, Larry, you should offer more constructive feedback. I scanned through your site and found many tips and pointers you could use — such as:

    1. Stop stealing images that you have no right of using. Going on Google and finding random images, then using it without their credit, authorization and/or purchase is illegal.
    2. Your introductory image is out-of-focus. If you want, I can retake your photograph in my studio with your face in-focus.
    3. I doubt you make any real income off of your published “books.” Or shorts. Your sales rank is hopelessly in the tank, and your ISBN’s prove that it is a fruitless endeavor. I can pretty much guarantee that you can make more off of Google AdSense than by bloating about your suc… failures.
    4. Shave that damn beard and trim your hair. You look like a complete mess.

  7. I will continue reading his site; I don’t care if it’s this year or next. It is one of my top 3 in Cincinnati. Thanks to him, btw, I now know about your site and will check it out as well.

    Isn’t it odd how that works?

    FTR, I’ve never met Kevin. I’m not a friend of his. I’m just a pair of eyeballs.

  8. Larry, thanks for the post.

    Kevin, I’ve favorited your site and look forward to reading it often.

    Rick’s jealous remarks pushed me over the edge into Kevin’s support.

    Keep it up Kevin!

  9. I want to address some of John Bronson’s remarks simply because I can and also because I find so many of them annoying.

    First off, John, I edited some of your comments as they simply made you look foolish — but take comfort in the fact that I left most of them in.

    I’ll be a bit rambling. . .

    — I wished Kevin good luck in the post. How is that drawing another person down? That’s what you seem to be good at.

    — “Stealing images”: I reference where I find each photo. Go to other websites, John. Thousands and thousands of blogs do this. It’s very common.

    — How my books get published is none of your business. If I was “failing,” another book wouldn’t be coming out later this year.

    — ISBM No.? All it basically is is a bar code. To suggest it determines the success or failure of a book is silly.

    — I know nothing about Google ads. Other people made comments about them, not me.

    — As far as my personal appearance, wow. How childlike. I’m surprised you didn’t attack my last name.

    All right. I’m done.

    I still wish Kevin and indeed hope that his web site returns with new posts next month. As for you, John, I’m sorry you’re so bitter.

  10. I’m guessing he’d sold stories, got paid to promote projects. Certainly, Google ads did not pay the rent.

    Which could explain his rah, rah, everything is wonderful in Cincinnati attitude.

    If so, he’s nothing but a PR hack.

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