7 comments on “Heavy Questions, Cameron Knight and Altoids Smalls

  1. The smaller tin? Much better than the normal size. What’s a guy suppose to do with that larger tin? It doesn’t fit in any pockets.

  2. Thanks for the plug, Larry. As a happy coincidence, I’m launched a new project on my blog just this morning, so they’ll be daily updates now. I’d like to say I did this just to not disappoint any of YOUR readers that will be coming to my site, but I’ve been planning for awhile. I hope you and any of your audience who are nice enough to click are not disappointed.

  3. It’s about time you added a photo blog to your blogroll and the fact that is local makes it even better!

  4. I confess Larry. Ever since you introduced me to the little tin, I’ve developed a tin-a-day habit. I defensively tell the clerk every morning at UDF that I can quit any time I want to. Here’s a trick that all are welcome to use. Take White Out and cover the word ‘Altoids’, then ink in the word ‘Biggie’. Then offer the tin to a friend and announce, “Would you care for some Wintergreen flavored Biggie Smalls?” Some get it. Some don’t. Forgive me Biggie.

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