11 comments on “Dos and Don’ts While Under the Influence

  1. i don’t drink and text. with texting you have to focus and focusing sombers me up. that’s no fun 😉

  2. I read your column yesterday while eating lunch and it was a good one.

    One thing that came to mind as you were talking with that cop is I don’t think you could have been all that drunk. You had your wits about you enough to throw him off and get his mind off your “influenced” state.

    That was pretty clever. Having said that, don’t do it again!

  3. Here’s some practical advise and a “do” I sometimes forget. Always remember to eat. There’s nothing worse than getting sick on an empty stomach.

  4. I also stopped drinking and driving years ago.

    Why is it when we’re drinking, we actually think we can drive better? That was my case and a DUI made me think how totally wrong I was. Yep, beyond stupid.

  5. Interesting that your column would be in City Beat’s Swizzle guide. A special issue or just a way of life with you people?

  6. Yeah, driving is the worse thing you can do, but man oh man do those drunken emails come back to haunt you. I have more than a few ex girlfriends to prove that.

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