5 comments on “Richard Ford on Writing and Raymond Carver

  1. think i’ve read all of carver’s stories, great stuff. as far as ford, i’ve the rock springs collection, pretty decent but he’s not carver.

  2. I think Ford’s “Independence Day” is one of the best novels I’ve ever read. I’m glad he’s still out there doing it, need to pick up some of his newer stuff.

  3. I’m a Ford fan too, Larry. He’s one of our best writers.

    I found it interesting with him talking about Ray Carver and this Gordon Lish stuff, about how Lish edited Ray’s work to that bare bones style. I agree with Ford that this is only a minor issue and not a major one. Editors our editors after all and the words written were from Ray, not Gordon.

    Anyway, thanks for putting this up. And thanks for the variety here at this blog and for featuring writers and books. Yes, some of us are interested.

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