12 comments on “Let me be all Negative About The Taste of Cincinnati

  1. You complain about Cincinnati and how there is nothing to do. Then when there is something to do, you stay home. There is no pleasing you.

  2. Was the post negative or factual? It is overpriced, overcrowded and not a very comfortable environment.

    And Bard, this is an “event,” not part of everyday life in Cincinnati where there isn’t much going on.

  3. I can’t argue much with what you said. Like you, I wish there was more going on downtown on a regular basis and eating pricey food off a paper plate doesn’t appeal to me.

  4. If I had the time, which I don’t, I would count up the number of restaurants that will be DOWNTOWN for the Taste of Cincinnati who don’t operate restaurants DOWNTOWN. Maybe someone else can do it.

  5. Can’t help but notice LaRosa’s will be there. When was the last restaurant they had downtown? 1980?

  6. Larry, always sayin it like it is…i’m not going either, well, maybe to catch some tunes, but that’s abt it…

  7. Yeah, you do kind of say it the way it is. I’ve gone in the past and never have a good time. Over expensive food, fighting the crowd and eating standing up isn’t all that relaxing.

    I’ll stay home too. Do you have a bottle to share?

  8. I have no extra money and probably wouldn’t go anyway. But at least it gets downtown crowded one spring weekend a year.

  9. Being currently unemployed, it wouldn’t make sense to go. Even if I was working, I would probably find another excuse.

  10. My wife will be make me go this weekend. The old ball and chain. How sad is that?

  11. Don’t care about this for all the reasons you listed. Looking forward to the Taste of Lebanon from St. Anthony of Padua Church, though.

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