9 comments on “That Was the Week That Was—In Blogs

  1. lee and crystal both win really but i’ll only be buying crystal’s she’s wonderful.

  2. This time next year, I doubt if anyone will remember much about Lee but for Crystal, that’s another story. She should have won.

  3. What a rat Crystal’s boyfriend is to walk out on her the day of the final. He has no ideal what he is walking away from!!

  4. That Steetvibes article on our archaic marijuana laws is fantastic, Eli really hit the nail on the head with that one.

  5. Brando’s right – great piece in Streetvibes about the silly laws here in Cincinnati about marijuana. You and your buddy Greg Flannery have also written about this — actually for years. What’s sad is the fact that nothing changes. The silly laws still rule.

  6. Speaking of silly Ohio reefer laws and Crystal from American Idol. . . I bet Ohio native Crystal enjoys smoking a joint from time to time.

    That’s all I got.

  7. Crystal has a tooth missing which makes her real like so many of us and yeah, she is from Ohio. She sings great. She’s one of us here in Ohio. YOU RULE CRYSTAL.

  8. We need to get behind those wanting to make a difference in Ohio. Crystal promotes what is good about us. Power on, Crystal, more power on.

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