17 comments on “Hairy Legs on Women is Not a Fashion Statement

  1. Went out with a girl once who didn’t shave her legs or armpits and it was the pits! With my hair and her hair it was a big turnoff.

  2. There is no law that says woman have to shave their legs or their arm pits. Men don’t. If you don’t like it, don’t look at the photos.

  3. Shave your armpits, shave your legs but please don’t shave your box. That’s where hair is beautiful.

  4. Really dumber than dumb this post. Who the hell cares about what you think about women who don’t shave their legs? Pointless.

  5. Shaved legs, unshaved legs, what does it matter. I’m looking to get between her legs. You know, keep the main objective in focus.

  6. Old fashioned? Really? When it’s only been since the 1950’s or so when shaving legs and pits became commonplace in America? There’s no hygenic reason to get rid of hair in those places. Hair is especially necessary underarms because it traps sweat. Even when using anti-persperant, there’s nowhere for the sweat to go, so it just makes you feel gross and sticky until you get stubble the day after.

    You’re right it’s not a fashion statement… it’s our biology.

  7. Man, it`s a fake. Behind her lies her boyfriend. Otherwise she should be 2,20 m tall.
    But: i don`t like fish-skin. Ab one has a skin like a fish after hair-removal.
    For e its a sign of personality not to look what the fashion does, what the people say. If you dont like it: shave. If you have no problems with bodyhair: keep it growing. It has nothing to do with hygiene, being out or in: it`s you. I love it since i`ve seen a pretty girl when i was eight or nine years old. Can`t get enough allthough my wife shaves her body. I accept it, because she want`s to shave. But if she would ask me: i would hide her razor, believe me. In my opinion, for a woman it`s more pain to remove it than keeping it growing.
    Thanks for reading, and keep beeing yourself.

  8. Women who don’t share their legs and under arms are just disturbed hippies out to make a point. They’re contrarians just for the sake of being contrarians. Note that it’s usually the hideous ones with emotional issues that get uppity about a stupid fashion that seems to be quite universally appreciated (there are more important things to worry about, and shaving is the default social custom; going out of your way to not shave and making it a matter of ideology is just shallow).

    Also, the picture is obviously fake. Those are some guy’s legs. Probably one of J. Crew’s male (read: gay) models. You can also tell by how long the torso would have to be that it’s unrealistic.

  9. I prefer hairy women. Hairy arms, hairy legs, hairy tits, hairy pits… The hair helps to retain the natural scent, which is full of pheromones, natures little aromatic aphrodisiacs. I speak from experience. Yes, the picture looks photoshopped, but I had a girlfriend once upon a time who couldn’t shave for a month due to a rash that ended up being a detergent allergy, and so I got used to her hairy legs, and her other hairy parts. Trust me dude, when your head is being squished by her hairy thighs, you ain’t a-gonna care. (You might even take up habits like keeping one of her worn t-shirts in the truck, so you can sniff it and think about her while you’re working.)
    Believe it or don’t.

  10. Frankly, we don’t give a damn what you think Larry. You probably live up to your last name yourself.

  11. Agree with Rose – like any woman who does not remove body hair cares what you think!

    And such an obviously fake photo, at least you could have used a genuine photo!

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