12 comments on “Is The Media Covering Up Violence at The Public Libraries in Cincinnati?

  1. I stopped feeling safe at the downtown library years ago. It can also be worse now. I’m reading books online.

  2. I can’t say I feel unsafe a the library but at the one downtown I’ve seen more than my share of arrests. You know, it’s downtown. You kind of expect it.

  3. The “media” probably didn’t know, Larry. Enquirer “left the building” years ago and the TV stations only pick-up what’s in the paper. It takes blogs like yours to bring it to people’s attention … thanks!

  4. In the old days, writers who worked for newspapers used to go out and find stories. Not now. It’s called being lazy and the newspapers here reflect that here more han any pllace else.

  5. Take a trip up to the second floor where all the computers are. It is like a circus and not like circus of the stars. More like circus of the strange.

  6. What library are you going to? I go to the downtown library all the time. I never see any violence.

  7. Beth,
    Not sure what library you’re going to! Ican’t say I see a lot violence there but it does raise its ugly head sometimes.

  8. If one frequets the downtown library like I do, you see violent acts or words almost everyday. So often I see kids who must walk down from Over the Rhine to start trouble, especially in the tech center. I think the only way to address this problem is more security. Often you can’t find a security guy when you need one.

  9. The library looks out for the best interest fo the library. Does that surprise you. They’re not going to go running t the newspapers about violence. It’s up to reporters to follow police reports and check them out. Is the Enquirer doing to do that? Helll, City Beat these days won’t even do it.

    The media is lazy. That helps library officials keep problems covered up. It is all smiles when it comes to public relations.

  10. The title of your post ask a question and the answer is YES. Does that shock anyone? Anyone who loves or works downtown the answer should be NO.

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