6 comments on “Best Selling eBooks Now Listed in The New York Times

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  2. Technology isn’t going to hurt you Larry. You realize your posting this on a blog right? To each their own, but to say you refuse to even try an e-book is simply bigoted. It’s not enough to prefer something else, you have to make it clear you refuse to try something new and open your mind to the possibility that maybe there’s a new and better way of doing something. Did you feel this way about cell phones once too? Did you change your mind? Never say never. On a more humorous note, reminded me of this…


  3. I agree with the last comment. One should never say never but having said that, I still buy real books where I can turn the page. The way I look at, ebooks are just another option.

  4. With print media now almost gone as it now has become mostly internet, the same is happening in the literary world. Old fashion books have now become electronic. Bottom line for writers in all kinds of media? Less money. I’m not putting you down, but maybe that’s why you don’t pay much attention to your ebook sales.

  5. I think writers now are simply going through a cycle they haven’t gone through before because of this new baby the internet. Sooner or later, the web is going to realize they need decent writers to keep interest in various websites. The same holds true for ebooks. If writers aren’t making enough money on this, they will stop writing. When where is the reader? Honestly, in time, it will settle into something OK with both reader and writer.

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