13 comments on “Teachers That Give A Little Something Extra

  1. Well now you got me thinking about Mrs. Thomas my math teacher. Always had a thing for her.

  2. your humor here escapes me. there is nothing funny about a teacher having sex with a student. how would you like it if this happened to your son?

  3. As Larry’s son, I’d just like to say I would have been ok with this at 16-17 years old… alas I also was not a football player.

  4. Anyone who doesn’t see the humor in this post truly does have thier head stuck up their ass.

  5. Any boy high school student in their right mind but for for a hot school teacher. Do I dare say the girls would be the same way?

  6. Yea, I get the humor here but as a parent with teenage boys, it’s so funny, I forgot to laugh.

  7. Does the author of this post have a strange and perhaps dark sense of humor. Yes. Was it kind of entertaining? Yes. No lives have been lost over it.

  8. Sex in the USA. What do you want? Teenage boys can’t get it on with a sexy teacher? Of course it is sorted but it is real life. Besides, who the hell sets age limits on this sort of thing. You can’t have sex with a minor when that mono is 18 or whatever. Who decides that? Laws need to stay out of affairs of human heart.

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