11 comments on “Why Is This Man Smiling?

  1. He’s truly a great speech maker, but then he makes policy which doesn’t support his words. Yes, he is disspointing.

  2. It doesn’t matter who gets in office. The end result is always the same. Same old, same old in Washington.

  3. Larry,
    You hit the head on the nail! He sold his dream! WAIT, The peoples dream! I believe that if he is not impeached and is allowed to continue his path OUR NATION will become everything our forefathers came to AMERICA to be FREE of. I believe it will not change until WE THE PEOPLE STAND UP AND TAKE OUR NATION BACK………….. FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE!!! lazy spoon feed american people get some back bone!!!

  4. Obama has no awareness of a budget at all. He is driving this country into billions, trillions of dollars in debt. Leadership? No. Currency needs to go back to the gold standard. It just can’t be paper. This guy is destroying us. The worse president ever. Soon, soon get him out of office.

  5. Mr President,
    We trusted you and you let us down. You knlw how to make a speech, then screw the working pep;le in the land that you serve. Good luck getting reelected.

  6. I wanted to believe in him so much and now like you and so many others, I’m disappointed. My folks thought he was the next JFK. No, not even close.

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