10 comments on “Miss Larry—Take Two

  1. I was at the grocery store not long ago, and I guess I had on my winter coat, adidas pants, some skate shoes, and my hair was tucked under a hat. So I was putting my cart in the corral, when one of the workers behind me said, “Sir, I’ll take that.”

  2. Be who you are man. I’ve had long head since my teens and I’m now 48 years old. Stay true to yourself.

  3. I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you this, but just be who you are. That includes your hair.

  4. Well, my barber is waiting! Wait, we can do a trade and get you a perm. Wonder what they would think then! Then they wold just think! Well, now doesn’t she look cute with her curl’s!!! He’s hitting for the same team! Time for a new look, Larry!!!! Hmmm,

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