15 comments on “Lodge Bar in Downtown Cincinnati is No Longer in Downtown Cincinnati

  1. Only time I ever blacked out from alcohol was after a night spent at the Lodge bar. There was also a couple high profile criminal incidents there involving local celebrities acting inappropriately, including the old UC basketball coach Andy Kennedy. Maybe I’m paranoid, but I always suspected they were putting something “extra” in their drinks

  2. My experience at the Lodge Bar is a bit different than Brando’s. The something extra in my mixed drink was water. I could not get a buzz on even if I had 3 or 4 drinks. and I paid big money for those watered down drinks.

  3. I know what Btando is saying. This place took on a different vibe when the “stars” were in down. The drinks were stronger and perhaps there was a little something extra in those drinks. But hwn it was business as usual, you got very little for what you paid for.

  4. I didn’t go into the Lodge Bar for the same reason I never go to Longhorn Steak House. I have no desire to look at dead animals on walls.

  5. I am shocked this place stayed around for as long as it did. Cold atmosphere, high prices and a shallow staff. Goodbye. Don’t come back.

  6. Come on. Not every bar in Cincinnati has to be a neighborhood bar. For what it was, it wasn’t a bad place at all. Business assoicates and I would drink there sometimes. I’m sorry it is gone.

  7. Very corporate. I always thought they would have really liked to assign each customer a bar code and place it on the customer’s back and just scan them for payment after a customer would leave.

  8. I went in a few times to kill some time. I could tell the place would be closing soon as they started to let it get worn down looking. I am anxious to see what replaces it. Hopefully a neighborhood type of bar.

  9. The group that owns Lodge Bar also owns Blackfinn just a few doors down. Before that it was McFaddens. Before that it was Have a Nice Day in OTR. Woird of caution to those they owe money to. They like to close down without paying their debts. I know. I was one of them.

  10. It sucked. I hated the place. I went in with friends a few times and then stopped. Weak drinks, a staff who could care less and high prices turned me off. Again, sucked.

  11. K worked thre.

    The Lodge Bar was a place of false reality. A lot of drugs, a lot of sex. It’s gone now. I’m glad.

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