13 comments on “Breast, Breast Milk and Desert

  1. I think you got some wrong information when it comes to how the breast milk will be provided at Arby’s. The lady cashiers will take turns in pumping out the milk.

  2. Robin says that girl t the right ain’t goon do much good as far as breast milk. Too damn flat chestsed.

  3. Larry, Larry, Larry!!!
    i eat Ice Cream almost daily. OMG, really I could not imangine eating breast milk ice cream even at a lower price! I do give them credit as it is an awesome idea! I am thinking of the marketing aspect of course! “Have you tasted your tittie today?” or “Milk it does a body good, from mom’s breat to your lips!” Give me an hour and OMG, I will have some great ones! “It’s not just for babies any more!, tittie milk…”
    I could have alot of fun with this one! Well, just wanted to vent! Where do you find such things!
    SEE YA!!!

  4. thinkasif,

    Where does Larry find this stuff? Twisted minds know where to look. But we love him anyway 🙂

  5. Not such a strange idea. We have so many milk products from cows, goats, and sheep, why not look to our own species? Is it still high in chloresterol, though?

  6. Don’t you think this is more or less a shock type of memu item? It will go away quickly.

  7. If this catches on, I guess there will be breast milk factories. Wouldn’t that be a sight?

  8. You have to admit it is an interesting idea. I have questions.

    Would Asian milk from woman taste like white milk from those here in the USA? Would French milk taste more sexy. How about breast milk from black women? Would it taste like chorlate? Curious.

  9. Breast milk as ice cream? No way. If there are no tits involved, I’m not interested.

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