9 comments on “Passing on Bus Passes

  1. Sometimes I ride the bus but sometimes I drive. It wouldn’t be worth it for me to get a bus pass.

  2. Kind of like you, I never get a bus pass. Ever pay your fare with 175 pennies? I’ve come close.

  3. I never buy a bus pass and on rainy days like this, I wish I had enough money to drive to work. I’m sick of all this rain.

  4. I started buying those bus cards years ago. The thought of having to hunt for change every morning sounds awfu.

  5. On e day I will get it together and get a bus card. I have been saying this for probably 10 years.

  6. A bus pass? My mind is on other things.

    As the clouds increase yet again and as the sky, yet again, becomes dark, my question of the week is WHEN THE HELL IS ALL THIS RAIN GONNA STOP?

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