9 comments on “Cincinnati: My View

  1. I consider Northern Kentucky a part of Cincinnati so you are not really going to a new city. Maybe the change of scene will do you good. You know, go for it.

  2. JackStraw who commented on the CityBeat online article is right, the move is worth it even if only for all the new characters and story ideas you’re going to get over there. Viva la Kentucky!

  3. I know 10th & Madison very well. We will almost be neighbors. They are plenty of shopsand restaurants and I know you are a smoker and volda drinker. Get ready to pay much rest for both.

  4. I have noticed a difference in your column for the past few years. I appreciate the fact that there are fewer rants and put downs of Cincinnati.

    I am thinking a change will do you some good. Based on some of your previous columns which pissed the hell out of me, I can’t believe I’m saying this but I wish you good luck.

  5. I think all of us who have read you through the years know your writing has changed. Writers grow as writers. They get better.

    As your friend, I know you are a little afraid of leaving your comfort zone in Westwppd. but at least you admit that and going ahead anyway. That’s good! Change is are friend.

    Call me up if you need help moving.

  6. A headsup: Justin Jeffre at Cincinnati Beacon web site wrote a cranky “good riddance” response to your column, which I’m sure will please you. But he’s running it w/ a photo of someone else, a photo they grabbed from some other web site which also misidentifies this other guy as you. Justin and Jason have been told the photo is a screwup but for whatever reason they aren’t changing it. I wouldn’t mention it (‘cuz you probably don’t care) but the guy in their photo has a kind of corporate-kiss-up smile and close cropped, like somebody’s boss haircut. Totally not you.

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