12 comments on “Bin Laden is Dead

  1. By all means our troops are brave, skilled and the best in the world, but I love when people refuse to give credit to their leadership (including the president) that creates the strategy, deploys the troops and gives the orders. How conveniently they forget that our last president had all our attention and troops in Iraq which allowed this to drag on as long as it did. Obama is not perfect, but to say he had no part in this is laughable.

  2. It took us close to 10 years to get this man and I want to think that the worse of it is over but I fear for Obama. You know, an eye for an ey.

  3. You have to admire our President’s cool manner. He’s knowan about this “operation” for months but with him it appeared business as usual. Last week had to be very intense, still he was his normal self. Then, bang, it all came down.

    His approval rating will no doubt go up. Dems, take advantage of this! You too, Mr. President. Show that same backbone and get your agenda across. Reality, it’s now – a perfect time – or never.

  4. Mission is now accomplished? If finding Osama was our mission all along, what was the point of invading Iraq? Why are we losing Afghanistan? When do we end our occupation?

  5. Lee Harvey Oswald took out bin Laden. Doubt that? Check out Oswald’s death certificate. I’ve never seen it .

    — Donald Trump

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