13 comments on “Article 25

  1. I look forward to reading it but I have to ask the question, do we need two street papers in Cincinnati?

  2. If anyone has picked up a copy of Streetvibes lately, it is pretty esy to figure out why a real street paper is needed.

  3. Streetvibes is no longer good but I still purchase it because it helps the vendors. Who is this new paper going to help?

  4. Jimmy started Streevibes and I loved Jimmy so Streetvibes is what I will stick with

  5. I look forward to the release as well…I have one in there too. It’s going to be a good paper with a great editor.

  6. Whenever I see my Streetvibes vendor, I still give him a buck but no longer get a copy of the paper. Very sad to see how bad it has become.

  7. This is all well and good and I will sample the paper when it comes out but in a way I think it’s a shame to try and put Streetvibes out of business and that’s exqactly what this is about. The Coalition for the Homeless does a lot of good in the community and this new publication isn’t tied to that and I have to ask this question too. Is this paper also being created to produce a salary for it’s editor?

    Sorry, Larry. I have to be honest here.

  8. Flannery gets canned at City Beat. Gets a job at Streetvibes and takes shots at City Beat never mentioning that he was once their news editor.

    Flannery gets canned from Streetvibes and now is starting up his own street newspaper thinking he can run Streetvibes out of business.

    See a pattern here? Flannery is full of sour grapes and Gross is foolish enough to join in.

    I won’t be purchasing Article whatever.

  9. Whatever, Troy. If I’m going to pay for a street newspaper, I want something to read in it. Bottom line.

  10. I look forward to Article 25. What a rag Streetvibes has become, nothing to read in it at all. I feel sorry for those vendors who still have to sell it. They have to know how bad it is.

  11. If Greg Flannery is doing it, then WILL BE GREAT. Can’t wait to see it / read it!

  12. Will the vendors who sell these papers have to choose which one to sell? If so, Article 25 is putting the homeless people right there in the middle. That’s a turn off to me.

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