8 comments on “Last Saturday Came and Went and We’re Still Here

  1. “They” are now saying the world will end in October. I’ll pay my cable bill through then.

  2. Last Saturday, I decided not to wash my dishes. What was the point? Now I have to. Damn.

  3. Maybe God is giving you a second chance to meet your maker in October. Think of it that way.

  4. I love the fact that the religious nuts have proven that they are just that. Nuts.

  5. Sal sounds like he is ready to meet his maker, whoever that is. Have a good after life, Sal!

  6. Clearly you are making fun of religion and I just have to say it. God will get you for that.

  7. The christian folks are fools but so is our government. Why do we still have “In god we trust” still on all of our money. I feel like an idiot whenever I pay with paper mney or change. I don’t trust in god at all and he is a fairy tale., a made up story. Get rid of this and stop mixing government with religion.

  8. I basically agree with Tom but I’ve spend the money anyway regardless of the wording.

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