7 comments on “Thinking About Borrowers

  1. I never, ever loan out anything anymore. I have CDs that I know I will never get back as well as books. I’m not the free store.

  2. It is very annoying iindeed, so much so, I don’t loan anything ut. If a friend likes something I have, it’s theirs. I just give it to them. That way, I never expect to get anything back.

  3. Loaning money is one of the best ways of killing friendships burt then again real friendds don’t borrow money.

  4. I just wanted to say I enjoyed the column. I would have done that on CityBeat’s web site, but I can never get the thing to work.

  5. I hear what Dave is saying about City Beat’s web site and comment stuff. Why do they want us to go thru all those hoops to make a comment?

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