13 comments on “Cadillac Ranch Can STILL Kiss My Ass

  1. I remember this happening a couple years ago. Midpoint keeps getting bigger and bigger. Cadillac Ranch keeps dying and dying. Maybe what goes around comes around.

  2. I just read your Living Out Loud column which is coming to an end. That is more upsetting than this Cadillac Ranch stuff.

  3. Cadillac Ranch is kind of for people who have a little extra money and skip Frisch’s for a week.

  4. There business is poor because their food is poor. If I wanted diner food, I would go to a diner.

  5. I just read your LAST Living Out Loud column and I am very sad. Are you going to tell us what’s going on?

  6. I’ll get into the decision on stopping the Living Out Loud column this weekend, but relax. I’ll still be showing up at CityBeat from time to time. Yes, that’s a threat.

  7. When I read your last column in CityBeat today, I was so shocked that I actually shed a tear and said aloud, “Well, what am I going to do now?” Every Wednesday at lunch for the past five years, I’d eagerly go to the nearest CityBeat bin and flip through the first few pages to get to your column. I love your writing. It’s so damn readable and honest.

    Good luck to you, sir. I’ll be stopping by your blog and buying your next book when it comes out.

  8. You will forever be a broken record. Restaurants come and go and it is probably time for Cadillac Ranch to go. Don’t worry, something else will take it’s place and you can wich to close down too.

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