11 comments on “Making Friendships Last

  1. I love this and it’s an eye opener to those who take friendships for granted. Friendships make the world go around, at least for me.

    I’ve read you for years and I have an idea as to who this friend his. Keep it alive.

  2. Maybe I should call my buddy Ray, haven’t talked to him in ages. Yours words have inspired me.

  3. I also know who you are talking about in this piece. GREG FLANNERY. Grumpy old men, the two of you, but you are both so loved!

  4. Read your words over my lunch break. You are so honest in your writing. I too miss the column, but I can always come here and will more often.

  5. You’re hard to figure out. Grumpy one minute, tender and loving the next. I guess You are just Larry. This was a great post and I will learn from it.

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