6 comments on “Lee Repaired Typewriters

  1. Makes me wonder what Lee would be doing today. Repairing typewriters is dead and forget about electronics. He would probably be pushing a broom.

  2. People pop into your head after years go by. This got me thinking about Kelly who had lunch with almost everyday when we worked together. I have no idea where she is now and we were close. Or were we?

  3. This story is telling, about you and about your former boss. If you brought up Lee to him today I wonder if he’d have any idea who you were talking about… I’d bet not.

  4. So often my your own admission, you say you’re a grump. Let me say this. I’d rather know someone like you than your heartless own boss.

    Miss the column but loved the holiday essay in the current City Beat.

  5. What you’re so good at is cutting through the muck and getting to the heart of the human condition. Some care about life, others have no regard for it. To some it’s a disposal life. To you it isn’t. You’re the better person.

  6. Caring about a fellow human being is always better than not caring. I feel sorry for your own boss.

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