17 comments on “Who is Michael Savage?

  1. ha ha, I heard that guy years ago just as he was becoming popular (have no idea why) and he was the meanest, most vile on-air host I’d heard up to that point. It works, apparently, because he went into syndication.

  2. Sometimes I agree with what he’s saying but then he talks too much and I’m turned off. I haven’t listened in a long time.

  3. You hit the nail on the head. This guy is always hocking something. Kind of like a snake oil salesman.

  4. Whenever I need a reality check as to how I feel about the world and my view of it, I listen to this jackass to make sure I’m doing the opposite of what he thinks or what he’s doing. It usually takes about twenty minutes of his vile view of life to confrim I’m on the right rrack.

  5. Beth, Have you listened to Savage? Listen for a few minutes and then think about what you have written here.

  6. He’s no different than any other shock jock out there and KRC stacks them up on top of each other. I remember when that was a good radio station.

  7. Ever notice how this asshole never gets calls from women? Women are amarter and don’t fall for his bullshit. Guys fall all over his every world like he is god or something.l I have your books, Lar, but I will never purchase one of his. I already have plenty of toilet paper.

  8. All I can say is I’m glad you have your computer back. Don’t listen to talk radio and don’t listen to WKRc. Youn will want to hang yourself.

  9. the savage wiener (wiener is his real name) has long earned the title of “The Rectum of Talk Radio.” He claims a few million followers — not much of a threat considering that our population has broken the three hundred million mark.Now in his mid 60’s, the wiener may crack up completely any day now, in mid-broadcast.

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